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Plastrock- Wood Plastic Composites sheets and profile


Introducing an innovative product developed from wood & plastic. And it has best of both the worlds! Pioneering a ‘Living Green’ era. Water Proof, Termite Proof, Weather Proof, Split Resistant, High Grade UV Resistance, Fading Resistant, 20 years warranty, Fire Retardant, High Strength, Chemical Resistant, Natural, Easy to Install, Eco-friendly, 100% Recyclable, Great Aesthetics. About Us: Plastrock Composites, a wood plastic composite enterprise based out of Ahmedabad, was established with an objective of providing a better wood-alternative that not only has superior all-round properties, but is also 100% eco-friendly. It has been proved that by using WPC products we are marching a step closer towards a greener & sustainable future. And hence, we take it as a matter of pride to be creating a product that aids in neutralizing the anti-nature effects, which are especially relevant in these global warming times. Our core team has more than 20 years of experience in wood products owing to the close association with Monarch Process group, a well-known brand in the wooden pallet industry across India. And it is this expertise developed over a period of years that sets us apart from our competitors. We have our base in the entrepreneurship hub of the country – Gujarat, but have our presence across India. Future View: Vision: A world where people live amidst greener and superior products. Mission: Leading the WPC manufacturing industry in India; propagating its usage across domains and thus save forests & reduce pollution. Our company has been germinated out of three core values. Everything that we do is a hallmark of each of these values. They are: Customer Focus: It is our prerogative to surpass any expectations that customer has set on us. Customer is the most important part of our business. He is not an interruption but the purpose of it. He is doing us a favour by giving an opportunity to do business. Hence, to survive in the long run, it is essential to be “customer focused”. Trust: We should create in customer an unwavering trust on our products, and more importantly on US. Customer Relationships are not for once, but forever. It is Trust that maintains them. We will honour the intent of our commitment and promises. Due to the trust we build, our customer can rest easy knowing we will go that extra step to meet their needs. Excellence: We should cater best-in-class product and service to the customer. We see excellence as a process of continuous improvement and learning. We strive to attain the highest performance through constant innovation in our products and service. Why WPC? Every year globally up to 6 billion trees are cut and majority of these are done for manufacturing wooden sheets of different grades like Plywood, MDF, particle Board, etc. in the construction business of houses and offices. As you can imagine, not only these boards put a lot of stress on the natural resource, but the fact is they neither provided the best of features. But no more! We introduce to you - PlastRock Wood Plastic Composites - It has got the best of both the worlds. It is made out of a mixture of wood dust and recycled plastic and hence in the preparation of PlastRock WPCs not even a single tree is cut, but instead it plays a major role in recycling the waste plastic which is to be dumped. And secondly, it has got better properties than either wood or plastic. To an extent that some consider it as the magic material which has got all the desirable properties in just one. Some of those properties are (Diagrams of each): Fireproof, Waterproof & termite-proof: WPC is fireproof, waterproof, doesn’t suffer from corrosion, it is resistant to moisture, will not be attacked by pests, and will not attract fungus. Easy to shape/Screw: WPC can be manufactured to various specifications, shapes and designs. Splinter-free/Shrinking free/Corrosion resistance: WPCs have no splintering or shrinking or erosion due to corrosion. Longer Lifespan/ Recyclable: WPC has a long life of around 35 years and can be reused several times longer than wood. In fact, it can be save five times the cost on the price of timber. 100% Warranty: All PlastRock WPCs come with a warranty of 20 years. Saves trees/ reduces pollution: Using WPC decreases the demand for wood and the need to cut down trees and reduces the dumping of used plastics


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